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Platzl 4 (Orlando Haus)
D-80331 München
Telefon+49 (0)89 224655
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Dr. Weigl Augustinowski Treuconsult GmbH
Your all-around service for tax consulting and legal advice in Munich

We cast light on taxes and law
- Expertise and commitment for your success -


Blick auf OrlandohausOur law-firm acts as lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) and tax consultant (Steuerberater) in Munich. (Disclaimer: we use the literal translation of "lawyer" and "tax consultant" for your conveniance. We are admittet in Germany and offer our profession only with respect of german and european law)  

As a reliable partner with years of experience we help with questions concerning law and taxes. We give you advice with quality and commitment. We give advice to individuals or companies of any size. From current assistance and counselling to one-time legal representation and checking of exceptional fiscal cases.

We look beyond the box and have an eye on legal and fiscal risks and planning for you. While doing this we also combine our interdisciplinary concept with expertise and in-depth knowledge in particularly relevant fields of commercial law and fiscal law.

Additionally we make use of the possibilities of digitalisation and offer fully digital handling of accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns without any media discontinuity.

Legal advice and tax consulting are matters of trust. On this website we want to give you information on our law-firm, the people responsible, our offers and services as well as general legal information. Furthermore we want to provide you with current information. For this purpose our online presence on Facebook may be of use to you. This of course does not replace an individual counselling.

Wir bieten:

Our consultants have long-time expert knowledge in different fields of legal advice and tax consulting. Together we are staying up-to-date through further education and lecturing.


Together with you we work out efficient solutions in order to increase your success and avoid any legal or fiscal risks.


We supervise deadlines and mandatory applications for you. Individual contact persons will always help you and are gladly available for a personal exchange.


We work with partners in different countries and have long-time experience with international tax consulting. We are the right address for cross-border affairs.


We work all-digital. Within seconds we have access to needed documents. We gladly assists you with developing individual solutions for a “company 4.0” without any annoying paperwork.

All-around service (one stop shopping)

We look beyond the box with our all-around counselling and have an eye on your legal and fiscal situation as a whole.

This is where you can find us: Orlandohaus München (Platzl 4)

Abbild Orlando di Lasso

Orlando Haus

In due course the house of Orlando di Lasso the famous composer and (temporary) ducal court Kapellmeister in Munich was standing at the place where today’s Orlando Haus is at. The story goes that the duke liked to drink wine with the Kapellmeister in the garden of the house. The house’s redesign around 1900 was the first self-supporting reinforced concrete construction in Munich. It was built by the merchant family Barmbichler who among other things were running a grocery shop. On the ground floor there was the “Wiener Kaffeehaus Orlando di Lasso” a café built according to the the well-known Viennese style. To this day the restaurant is decorated with a plethora of mirrors and gilded stucco. During the 1990s the Orlando block (thus the buildings around it as well) was costly renovated by the Messerschmitt foundation the current owners.

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